Getting Started on Twitter

This semester, we’ll be using Twitter as a way to communicate with amongst ourselves, and with the larger digital scholarly community. Great conversations are happening here, and it’s a great way for you to join in (or just watch from the sidelines). Your task before class on September 6 is to create an account and get familiar with the platform.

First, visit and click the “Sign up” button. Use your full name and select a username informed by the kind of scholarly identity you want to build or an convenient use of your name (e.g. /@hope4arthistory or @LBMcGrath). I recommend deselecting “Tailor Twitter based on my recent website visits.”

Second, check out the #HopeMellon conversation and follow all relevant users you find there. Be sure to follow last year’s sophomore class, @LBMcGrath, @hope4arthistory, and @wanderlustelyse. Explore a number of profiles and get a sense of what they put in their bio and how they use their profile photos.

Third, edit your profile to select a header photo and profile photo of your own. Your photos, handle, and short bio should work together to shape your online scholarly identity.

Finally, send a tweet that includes the hashtag #HopeMellon. Say hi to the class, remark on the weather, anything you like, just make sure #HopeMellon is in there.

(Hat tip to Alex Galarza)