Course Policies

Course Materials

The texts for purchase at the Hope-Geneva Bookstore are Books: a Living History by Martyn Lyons and They Say/I Say by Gerald Graff and Cathy Birkenstein. Additional readings will be linked on the course website and on Moodle.

Course Technologies

You will need to have access to certain digital technologies in order to complete your work. In some instances, these technologies may be new to you. You are responsible for making time to ramp up, troubleshoot, and learn. This activity will require your patience, can-do attitude, and sense of adventure.

  • Access to our Hope College Moodle page for access course materials and complete your course work.
  • Your e-mail account. Check this email often (several times every day).
  • A Slack account. Sign up using your email account at Only your fellow classmates and I will be able to see this channel, so it is relatively private. See for tips and tutorials about how to use Slack effectively for team communication. You will need to have Slack up and running by the beginning of class on September 1.
  • A Twitter account. Not only will you be completing an assignment on Twitter, but you should also regularly pop in and observe or participate in conversations about humanities research on Twitter. Twitter is a practical tool for us to share links, media, and information related to our class. If you already have an account, you are welcome to use it; if you would rather not use your personal account, you are welcome to create an account specifically for this course. You will need to have Twitter up and running by the beginning of class on September 6.
  • A Storify account. If you already have an account, you are welcome to use it. Otherwise, set up an account with whichever email and username you prefer. You are welcome to use an alias to increase your privacy, just let me know what the alias is so I can match you to the account.

If you are going to use a laptop or any other technology during class, make sure that it is not a distraction to yourself or others. Do not take phone calls, update your status, or text during class unless you have made arrangements with us ahead of time (due to some sort of emergency or care issue). Avoid using technology as a barrier to actively engaging during class. Instead, let it either augment our discussions or turn it off.

Attendance and Participation

Class attendance and participation are mandatory and are crucial for the success of the class.  You are allowed two absences without penalty.  Thereafter, each additional absence will lower your final grade by 1/3 of a letter. 8 total absences will result in automatic failure of the course. Unauthorized cell phone/computer usage will be counted as an absence.