Project Critique

Due: September 22, October 6

We have looked at a number of Digital Humanities projects together; each relies on a different type of data, asks different questions, and utilizes different technologies. It is important that you learn how to navigate and evaluate these projects as you build your own, developing your own digital literacy and expertise.

For this Project Critique, select any digital project and analyze its project goals, use of data and data type, how that data was found and/or transformed, the tools and technologies used (and why). Include your own analysis of whether or not the project was successful in meeting its stated goals.

This is a short, 1 page report. No need for introductory or concluding remarks. Please include the project title, primary authors and/or contributors and the URL at the top of your document. The following guiding questions are a good place to start:

  • Who created the project?
    • Institutions
    • Granting bodies
    • Individual people
    • Is credit given to individual contributors? To what extent?
    • Timeframe (years of project, etc)
  • Who are the intended users? What are the project goals and objectives? Do the implicit objectives match the stated objectives? What are the research questions?
  • What ideology(ies) is this project promoting?
  • Material and data
    • Type(s)
    • Origin(s)
    • Limitations
    • Affordances
  • Presentation
    • Type – Why was this presentation format chosen? Does it work well? Why (or why not) and how?
    • Narrative context
    • Accessibility

(Adapted from Kristen Mapes)